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2. watch it in your dorm room or living room with friends


3. download these materials—posters, stickers, postcards—to get this beyond the virtual world.


4. talk with your friends about taking this up – anyone you know who hates the way the world is and are hungering to understand it and be part of changing it radically.


5. contribute funds to spread this further

There is nothing online like THIS talk of Bob Avakian’s: nothing that answers the questions of why we are in the situation we are in... what is the source of the problem... and what is the nature of the solution. Nothing that gets at these questions as deeply, thoroughly and truthfully as this. Millions of people are searching for the truth, and watching videos, short and long. Some of these give part of the answer; but some of them—including some of the most popular—give people bullshit answers, pointing people in the wrong direction and spreading poison. Here, and all over the world, people need to see Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About.

And YOU are needed to spread this.


This talk breaks down the very nature of the society we live in and how humanity has come to a time where a radically different society is possible. It takes us deep into the heart of the horrors we see around us—from the oppression of whole peoples and parts of the world to what underlies brutal wars of domination—and why we live in a world where profound poverty, starvation and exploitation co-exist with unprecedented wealth. From the American nightmare to a sweeping vision of a whole new world, Bob Avakian goes thoroughly into the kind of revolution we need—and it gives people an up-close-and-personal experience with Avakian, the leader of the revolution. He lays it all out in a nine-hour speech—and then goes into three hours of question-and-answer dialogue with the audiences. It’s all there—full of heart and soul, humor and seriousness.


Getting this film, and the understanding it concentrates, out into society far and wide is essential to getting out the truth about all this and to building a movement for revolution in this country. These are truths those who now hold power don’t want you to know... they keep this from you, or lie about it when they can't keep word of it from getting out.


Again, YOU are needed to spread this.


Download the whole film here [to come], and contribute to help get this out further. Gather crews of people and watch it in your dorm room or living room. Tell all your friends. Get this in the mix wherever people are debating why the world is the way it is, and what can be done about it.


Embed the clips as a daily tweet and ask for comments. Send emails out to all your friends telling them about this website where they can see this talk. And download these materials—posters, stickers, postcards—to get this beyond the virtual world.


Get with and be part of spreading the Revolution talk online.


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